Catch Them Young

Being one of the most vibrant Knanaya parishes in North America, St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Houston has a well-established CCE program. As of today it has an enrollment of around 400 students and 33 dedicated teachers under the ablest guidance of Rev. Fr. Saji Pinarkayil our Vicar. CCE also has the credit of organizing youth retreats, thirubalasakyam, mission league and youth ministry in order to infill spirituality and equip the students with leadership qualities. We do also impart Knanaya history and our age-old cultural values to our future generation.

Rarichen Chennattu pictureRarichen Chennattu
Director of Religious Education

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Vicar Rev Fr Saji Pinarkayil
281-957 5264( Res)
DRE Rarichen Chennattu  
281-261-2974  Cell: 713-540-6363;
Asst.DRE Chattergie Aickareth 
Cell: 281-265-9397
Asst.DRE Laisa Chamakalayil
 Cell: 281-261-3062
2016-2017  Teacher Assignments
Grade Charge Teachers Other Teachers
KG- A Shibi Kakanatt  Anjaly Thekkunilkunnathil
 312-841-0448   832-539-1350
KG- B Laisa Parayamkalayil  Joe Karickal 
1 Pushpa Pazhempallil  Joyal Perunnilathil
 281-416-0598   832-539-4780
  Sheeja Vadakara Joel Puthenpurayil
2 281-835-6321   832-705-6495
Divya Anchakunnath
3 Sheeba Thannichuvettil Riyana Sunny 
 281-994-7747 281-201-2975
Sherin Tiji Pallikizhakethil
4 Laisa Chamakalayil Merlin Mukalel
 281-261-3062 281-957-5171
5 Shelby Chennattu  Elizabeth
Thomas Vatamattathil
281-261-2974 201-280-9352
6 Chattergie
281-265-9397 281-261-3206 
Gina Sajimon Perunnilathil   Sijimol
Mathew Vemmelil
7 Laison
Lenus Thomas Vallipadavil
281-201-5554 713-724-6379
8 Thersa
Rithu Chamakalayil 
281-208-9822 281-261-3062
9 Cyril Vadakara Sheena Thomas Pulickeel
 281-835-6321 713-252-7310
10 Leelamma Illikkattil Emlynn Chazhikat 
832-287-4144 713-650-6522
 Mathews Edappara 
11 Saji Marangattil  Abitha Parayamkalayil 
713-436-8965 281-438-8122
Jaimol Thekkunilkunnathil 
12 Vinoy Kayichirayil  Lucy Aickareth
281-486-0266 281-827-5351

CCD Special Assignments

Person In Charge

Choir Coordinators

Rithu Chamakalayil, Abitha Parayamkalayil, Reshma Nedumakil, Merlin Mukalel, Anjaly Thekkunilkunnathil, Divya Cheruthaniyil

Holy Communion and Confirmation

Laisa Chamakalayil and
Merlin Mukalel

English Mass, Altar Servers, and
Bible Reading Coordinators

Laison Changumoolayil
and Lenus Thomas Vallipadavil

PTO Representative

Thomas Kochuparambil

DRE Office Assistant and Safe
Environment Class Coordinator

Chattergie Aickareth

Mission League Coordinators

Sheeba Thannichuvettil
and Lucy Aickareth

Thirubala Skhyam Coordinators

Shibi Kakanatt,
Elizabeth Thomas Vatamattathil, Laisa
Parayamkalayil, and Pushpa

Youth Retreat Coordinators

Cyril Vadakara,
Merlin Mukalel, Joel Puthenpurayil,
Emlynn Chazhikat, Rithu Chamakalayil, Abitha Parayamkalayil, Divya Cheruthaniyil, Anjaly Thekkunilkunnathil